Improve your American English conversation skills with free video lessons!

Impress your friends and colleagues with your American English conversation skills! Julie teaches you the real English that native speakers use in everyday conversations as she analyzes scripts from American TV shows and movies. Learn about the pronunciation of vowels, consonants, word reductions, stress, intonation, linking, and vocabulary. Lessons also include discussions of natural English conversational vocabulary, such as idioms, greetings, casual conversations, and more!

Learn American English with TV!

Get ready for an in-depth analysis of English conversation! In this 90-minute video, Julie helps you to speak English clearly and naturally as she analyzes a conversation from the American TV show "Modern Family". You'll learn all of the pronunciation that each character uses: the reductions, linking, intonation, vowels, consonants, vocabulary, and more.

Learn American English Reductions and Rhythm with Seinfeld!

Get ready to laugh! In this video, I'll analyze a conversation from the TV show Seinfeld, and I'll discuss all things related to American English pronunciation: vowels, consonants, stress patterns, intonation, linking, reductions, vocabulary, and more!

10 American English Idioms to Start Using TODAY!

Want to WOW people with your English conversational skills? USE THESE 10 IDIOMS TODAY! I've used all of them in my conversations this past week.

Speak Clear and Fast English: Rule of Three and "Asked"

Learn to speak clear and fast English using reductions and the Rule of Three! In this video, I'll teach you how to reduce the word "asked" using the Rule of Three. Then you'll practice reductions, linking, and rhythm with me at the end.

3 Rules to Using Thought Groups in American English

An important part of rhythm is thought groups - the way you pause between groups of words and use intonation to add meaning to your message. This video will teach you 3 rules to using thought groups - when to pause, when NOT to pause, and how to chunk your words together so they sound natural!

How to Stop Overusing "Filler Words"

How often does this happen to you? You're talking to a group of people, and then...THIS comes out of your mouth: "Um...hmmm..well, like yeah..." The dreaded filler words! But don't worry - you CAN learn how to stop overusing filler words in your speech!

American English Voice Placement

If you've been struggling with your American accent, it could be because of your voice placement. This video will teach you the theory behind voice placement and some effective exercises you can do to achieve an American voice placement!

Learn the American accent with The Office!

This is an in-depth analysis of a scripted conversation from the American TV show The Office. I'll analyze all areas of American English - pronunciation of vowels, consonants, syllable and word stress, intonation, and vocabulary. Take notes - this is a great way to learn!

Sentence Analysis: Parks and Recreation Part 1

Test your English pronunciation skills with sentence analysis! This video discusses all areas of English pronunciation - vowels, consonants, syllable stress, word linking, word reductions, and vocabulary - using a scene from Parks and Recreation!

Best Resources in Accent Reduction

Learn about the best resources to help you improve your English pronunciation!

The Best Way to Practice Your American English Pronunciation

Learn the most effective tips at improving your American English pronunciation!

How to Improve Your Spoken American English

Many of my clients ask me how they can sound more like a native speaker. Even if you know how to pronounce all of the vowels and consonants of English, you may not sound as natural as a native speaker when you’re talking in a conversation.