Free video lessons on American English rhythm and reductions!

Master the rhythm, speed, and fluency of a native English speaker with these free videos! Julie teaches you how to speak fast English with innovative and unique practice techniques that will transform your English skills!

Secret to Perfect Rhythm, Stress & Cadence

Join Julie as she teaches you how to master the rhythm of native speakers with effective and entertaining practice techniques! You'll learn how to master the rhythm and flow of native speakers with looped recordings of words and phrases with valuable help and guidance from Julie along the way.

Top 5 Tips for Perfect Rhythm and Stress

Welcome to my Top 5 Tips: Live Class Series. In this live class replay, you'll learn how to speak English with the correct rhythm and stress patterns, just like a native speaker. If you've been struggling with speaking with the right flow and fluency, then this class is for you!

Speak English Like a Native with the Rule of Three!

Speak American English with ease, just like a native speaker, with the Rule of Three! If you haven't heard of the Rule of Three, then you MUST watch this video - it will change the way you speak English!

Speak FAST English with my #1 FREE Practice Tool!

In this video, I'll show you my #1 best practice tool that can help you master American English rhythm, speed, and fluency - and the best part is it's FREE!

Top 10 Reductions of the Word "Have"

Get ready to learn the nitty gritty details about English rhythm and word reductions, and sound more like a native speaker! This video will teach you the advanced pronunciations of the top 10 most common phrases in American English that use the word "have."

Difficult Reductions in English

Learn how to speak clear and fast English in this short video! I'll teach you how to pronounce the common English reductions of the phrases: ask her, ask him, I asked her, I asked him.

Speak Clear and Fast English: Rule of Three and "Asked"

Learn to speak clear and fast English using reductions and the Rule of Three! In this video, I'll teach you how to reduce the word "asked" using the Rule of Three. Then you'll practice reductions, linking, and rhythm with me at the end.

Perfect your American English Rhythm: Pronoun Reductions

In this video, you'll learn how to perfect your American English rhythm with pronoun reductions! The pronouns him, her, them, his, and him often reduce, which means the initial consonant is often dropped in spoken English. Learn how to reduce pronouns in this video, and practice with me at the end!

Linking with the Contraction "I'd"

The final /d/ in "I'd" usually turns into an unreleased D consonant, which can be super challenging for non native speakers to pronounce. This video is jam-packed with examples shown close up and in slow motion, analysis of the final D consonant in a waveform, and practice sentences at the end!

The Rule of Three

Have you ever wondered why native speakers of American English don't pronounce the "t" in "lastly"? Or in "Christmas"? Or in the phrase "first day"? It's because of the Rule of Three!

Master American English! Sentence Rhythm Part 2

In this video, you'll perfect your American English rhythm with a fun clapping exercise - only the stressed syllables get the "beat"!

Speak Fast English: How to Shorten Your Words

Speak like a native by using these four tips to make your words shorter in American English: contractions, reductions, contractions + reductions, and "informal contractions"!

Vowel Syncope: Words You're Saying Wrong!

American English loves to meddle with the vowels! Vowels can be reduced, they can have multiple pronunciations, and they can be combined with other sounds. In the case of vowel syncope, the vowels are deleted completely!

How to Pronounce Syllabic Consonants

Have you been told this before: "If you count the number of vowels in a word in American English, then you'll know the number of syllables in that word"? That's not entirely true!

Word Reductions of Conjunctions

How do native speakers talk so fast? Here's the trick: word reductions! Native speakers will actually change the vowel in a word into a vowel that is easier to say, and this helps the word to be said faster! Word reductions happen often in American English - master these, and you'll sound more like a native speaker! Learn how to reduce the conjunctions "and", "or", "so", and "but" in this video!

Rhythm in Sentences

Perfect the rhythm of your spoken English with this easy musical activity!

Word Reductions: Function Words

Where does American English get its rhythm and flow? Learn how to reduce the function words in American English in this video!

Unstressed Syllables and Word Reductions in American English

Learn about unstressed syllables and word reductions in American English with these examples using commonly used words!