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Sound Like a Native With These Phrasal Verbs!

Sound like a native speaker in your next English conversation by using these 8 common phrasal verbs!

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Learn how to increase your English vocabulary from an expert: Vince Kotchian from Vince Kotchian Test Prep. You'll learn Vince's top techniques for learning new English vocabulary words quickly!

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Best Resources in Accent Reduction

Learn about the best resources to help you improve your English pronunciation!

The Best Way to Practice Your American English Pronunciation

Learn the most effective tips at improving your American English pronunciation!

I'm a Native American English speaker...With an Accent

There are many, many regional accents throughout the United States. And even within the same region, there are even more specific differences in pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar.

What Can a Corporate Speech Trainer Do For You?

How many times during any given day would you guess that you communicate with other people?

How to Improve Your Spoken American English

Many of my clients ask me how they can sound more like a native speaker. Even if you know how to pronounce all of the vowels and consonants of English, you may not sound as natural as a native speaker when you’re talking in a conversation.

Where Do American Accents Come From?

We know that accents are everywhere. We all have one, and depending on where someone has lived and how old they were when they lived there, we may have a combination of many accents in our speaking pattern.

Exciting news! I've been featured in a newly published book!

I’ve been featured in the book Here's How to Do Accent Modification: A Manual for Speech-Language Pathologists , written by my colleague Robert McKinney!

American Accent Basics: What is an accent? Why do I have one? How do I reduce my accent to sound like a native American English speaker?

Let's consider the definition of an accent to be: “A distinctive mode of pronunciation of a language, especially one associated with a particular nation, locality, or social class.” According to this definition, we all have an accent.