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What Can a Corporate Speech Trainer Do For You?

Imagine your typical work day, from your first morning meeting to clocking out at the end of the day. How many times during any given day would you guess that you communicate with other people? And let’s define “communicate” as anything that conveys a message, be it verbally (the words you say to other people), gesturally (your body language and facial expressions), or by written means (emails, texts, memos).



With that broad of a definition, you may come up with a rather large number of times that you communicate with other people - especially if your job entails giving presentations, leading orientation groups, or conducting meetings online. You really could interact with other people hundreds of times during your day.


And as you think about your typical work day, how confident do you feel about your ability to communicate clearly and effectively within the workplace? How confident are you that other people can understand what you are saying? And if there is an area in which you feel you are lacking, what can you do in order to be successful?



As a corporate speech trainer (also called a corporate speech pathologist), I offer classes that target all levels of communication within the corporate setting. My classes are designed to enhance your executive presence and boost your business communication confidence through research-based methods of instruction.


Areas targeted in my classes include:

  • American English pronunciation and accent training: Learn how to pronounce English vowels, consonants, intonation, and speak English clearly. (Click here for a free, printable PDF of the American English consonants.)

  • Business presentation skills: Learn how to effectively and confidently convey your message under potentially high-stress situations. (Click here for a free, printable PDF of presentation tips.)

  • Voice projection and vocal health: Learn how to speak with a voice that is engaging and commands the attention of those in the room. (Click here for a free, printable PDF of vocal warm-ups.)

  • Body language and non-verbal communication: Learn how to display strength and confidence without speaking a word.

  • Cross-cultural communication: Learn how to communicate with colleagues and customers from other cultures with professionalism and sensitivity.



There can be many benefits of working with a corporate speech trainer, some of which may include improved speaking confidence; clearer pronunciation; more natural speech rhythm, voice inflection, and cadence; and more effective communication skills as a team member.


You may also find that progress continues beyond the classroom. Once you have learned the basic building blocks of English - the sounds, patterns, and context of English usage - you can apply this knowledge to new communicative situations.  



And I'd love to hear from you - contact me to learn how we can work together to perfect your American English pronunciation!

Julie Cunningham | San Diego Voice and Accent Julie Cunningham | San Diego Voice and Accent Julie Cunningham | San Diego Voice and Accent

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