Free video lessons on American English syllables and stress!

Learn to perfect your American accent with free video lessons on the syllable and stress patterns of American English! You'll learn about all levels of stress, including primary stress, secondary stress, word-level syllable stress, and sentence-level stress. Practice with Julie and master the American accent!

Pronounce the Past Tense Like a Native Speaker!

In this video, you'll learn the three pronunciation rules to pronouncing past tense verbs AND you'll learn how to violate this pronunciation rule, just like a native speaker!

Only 3% of English Learners Get This Right!

What's the difference in the pronunciation of the following phrases: "hot dog" and "hot dog." Not sure? This video will show you! Perfect your American accent as you learn advanced syllable stress patterns of American English!

NEVER delete this sound!

The letter S is super important in American English, but it's not always pronounced like an S /s/! (How frustrating!!) But have no fear, this video will make it easy :) Learn the pronunciation rules of the letter S in this video!

Pronounce BIG words in American English!

American English syllable stress is difficult to predict, and when you start adding suffixes to the end of root words, the pronunciation quickly becomes confusing! But have no fear - this video will make it easy! You'll learn the rules of pronouncing the syllable stress patterns of 5 common suffixes in American English.

Do NOT Say These Vowels! Dropped Syllables in American English

American English pronunciation is difficult! Sometimes you pronounce every vowel that you see in the spelling, and sometimes you don't. Learn about this tricky pronunciation rule, called Vowel Syncope, and see the pronunciations up close and in slow motion!

Speak FAST English with my #1 FREE Practice Tool!

In this video, Julie shows you her #1 best practice tool that can help you master American English rhythm, speed, and fluency - and the best part is it's FREE! Practice with Julie and master the American accent and English pronunciation in this video!

Speak Fast English: How to Shorten Your Words

If you want to instantly improve the rhythm of your spoken English, this is the way to do it! Speak like a native by using these four tips to make your words shorter in American English: contractions, reductions, contractions + reductions, and "informal contractions"!

Vowel Syncope: Words You're Saying Wrong!

American English loves to meddle with the vowels! Vowels can be reduced, they can have multiple pronunciations, and they can be combined with other sounds. In the case of vowel syncope, the vowels are deleted completely! (Poor vowels!) Learn the most common pronunciations of "chocolate", "favorite", "interested", "difference", and "separate" - all of which contain vowel syncope in their pronunciations.

The Three Types of Syllable Stress

American English is a stress-timed language: some syllables are longer, and some syllables are shorter. But there's more to it than just "stressed" and "unstressed" - there's a third type of stress that occurs in some words that are three or more syllables. Improve your English pronunciation and master the three types of syllable stress in American English!

Stress in Sentences

Where does the rhythm come from when Americans speak? Learn about stress in sentences!

Unstressed Syllables and Word Reductions in American English

Learn about unstressed syllables and word reductions in American English with these examples using commonly used words!

Syllables and Stress of American English

Learn about two important parts of American English pronunciation - syllables and stress - in this quick video and blog!