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How to Pronounce the M /m/ Consonant


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Let’s learn how to pronounce the M consonant sound in American English.


How to pronounce the M /m/ consonant

The M consonant sound is a nasal consonant in American English. This means that the soft palate is lowered as you say this sound, and this allows the air to exit out of the nose.


M, M, M


To make this sound, you lightly press the lips together, and the vocal cords vibrate. The M consonant is a voiced consonant, which means the vocal cords are turned on as you say it.




You can feel the nasal vibration as you say this sound. Put your fingers on the sides of your nose and feel the buzz.




Watch an animation of the M consonant sound. This animation was created from actual videos of a real person pronouncing the M sound. The animation shows the side view of the person's face, and I slowed it down to half speed. Watch how the lips come together and the soft palate moves down to allow air to escape out of the nose.


Let’s take a closer look at the M consonant sound.


M /m/ consonant: Up close and in slow motion

Here is the M consonant in isolation. Notice how the lips press together slightly. You can’t see the vibration, but the vocal cords are turned on as I say this sound..


Now the word mother. Again, notice the lips are pressed together for the M consonant.


Now the word something. Lips come together for the M consonant.


M /m/ consonant practice

Let’s practice a few words together. Say the words with me.


moon, M, moon


tomorrow, M, tomorrow


Time, M, time


Thanks so much for practicing the M consonant sound with me. I hope this video was helpful! But we don’t have to end the practice here - let’s keep working together! Check out the additional practice videos of the M consonant sound in English Pro, my comprehensive online accent training community. The details on how to enroll in English Pro are in the description below. Thanks, and have a great day!


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Julie Cunningham | San Diego Voice and Accent Julie Cunningham | San Diego Voice and Accent Julie Cunningham | San Diego Voice and Accent

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