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Accent reduction training can help you speak English more clearly and sound more like a native English speaker. My accent reduction program includes a comprehensive speech and accent evaluation, fully customized training targets, and highly detailed instruction sessions to teach you how to use the American English accent while at work, at home, or in social environments. This program can benefit speakers who have a foreign accent as well as native English speakers with regional accents.

"Julie increased my awareness of how to speak like a native speaker."

"Julie increased my awareness of how to speak like a native speaker."

"I have worked with Julie for 8 months to improve my accent. She is an incredible teacher. I like how quickly she could diagnose my pronunciation issues, in particular my tongue placements. She increased my awareness of how to speak like a native speaker. She also gave me drills to improve my speech, some of which are quite innovative such as using a metronome. Julie is very patient and compassionate and fun to work with. I highly recommend her for her skills, caliber, and approaches to quickly move you forward.” — Joan Y., Life Coach, Mandarin
"Take the leap to reach your English goals!"

"Take the leap to reach your English goals!"

"I recently finished a 10-session program with Julie, and I am completely satisfied with the results. Since the first class, it was clear that she was an expert on the subject and created a safe space to practice and ask. It was quite helpful to know the aspects that I needed to improve, but at the same time to be versatile enough to focus on the points you feel less confident. I totally recommend Julie if you are looking for a coach that helps you improve the details of your accent that limit your communication or make you feel less confident. My best piece of advice is take the leap to reach your English goals!"  — Juan V., PhD student, Spanish

Who is Accent Reduction For?


Accent reduction can benefit those who feel like their ability to fully express themselves is limited by their spoken communication. Clients commonly report that other people have a difficult time understanding them, and they are frequently asked to repeat themselves. This can be very frustrating — but accent reduction training can help! The goal of the training isn't to lose your accent or your identity, but rather to learn a new accent, which is something that will be an additional skill to have in your communication toolbox.

Accent Reduction Course Details


  • Fully customized course: Julie will create a customized course syllabus that includes the areas that are most important to you. Typical areas include: English pronunciation of consonants and vowels; syllable stress; prosody and word/phrase stress; speaking rate; intonation; and conversational English.
  • Professional voice / executive speaking skills: All customized courses can include professional voice / executive speaking training if desired.
  • Private sessions: All sessions are private, 1:1 training sessions.
  • Comprehensive Speech and Accent Evaluation: You have the option of adding a comprehensive Speech and Accent Evaluation to your course package. The evaluation will provide you with detailed information about your specific speech patterns.
  • Frequency: Most clients like to meet once a week for an hour; however, the session frequency can be customized to your specific schedule.
  • Online training sessions: All training is completed online, which gives you the maximum scheduling flexibility.
  • Price: You have flexible payment options. You can pay per session or save 10% on packages of 10 hours of training. The price for a full hour of 1:1 training is $150.
  • English Writing course: Are you interested in polishing up your English writing skills? I'm very excited to be partnering with writing expert Vince Kotchian! Vince will develop a customized English writing program that helps you to become a more effective and elegant writer. Contact Vince here:


Are you ready to speak English with clarity and confidence?

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"Working with Julie was awesome! She helped customize the syllabus as per the feedback from my initial performance review which helped me focus on my weak areas such as understanding intonation, consonants, and American English pronunciation. The course gave me a jump start on becoming a better story teller."  — Sunit, Electrical Engineer

Please note: The services provided by San Diego Voice and Accent are not clinical, and thus, clients do not receive a speech-language diagnosis or participate in insurance-based speech-language therapy.


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